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Weekend Furlough

Posted in Kimkins on September 29, 2007 by theTRUTH

What the Duck said.
Us too. We think we all could use a break from the madness. Spend time with your families. Back in action on Monday. Love you guys. Keep smiling.


theTRUTH About Melt

Posted in Kimkins on September 29, 2007 by theTRUTH

Ok, everyone can stop asking me now.

Melt’s real name is Judy Bekeart. She is from San Francisco, and is 5’7 132 pounds. (She was 172 in June).

Sorry sweetie, you didn’t have to be so mean.

Oh, and also she hates puppies and kitties. And 48 years old.

Kimmer and SingingLass Part 4:

Posted in Kimkins on September 28, 2007 by theTRUTH

We know, we said Part 3 was the final installment, but we could not resist adding to it. You all have to have something to read, don’t you. I mean you had to be getting sick of winks and smiles….

This was another recent exchange:

Kimmer wrote:
Nobody has access to the PMs except you & me. Now, if an admin is posting stuff I can’t figure out who that would be? Gary? No, Tarvosk? No. Tippy, Carolyn? No. Who else?

SingingLass wrote:
Then someone has hacked. The pms that are up, are the exchanges between you and i talking about people we were considering banning…..mommas3, honeybee, reesie….and there is bragging that they have more. All of this coming from whoever “thetruth” is….same person who posted our private staff board.
I swear and promise I have not leaked anything. I do think when we switch to the private board, we should use it instead of pms here though, something is going on.

Kimmer wrote:
Yeah, but those are old PMs when admins had access to “admin mode”. No one has that ability now except you & me and I’m not worried about you.
I still like the idea of non-Kimkins for communicating.

SingingLass wrote:
They were like three days ago. Heck, I just last night noticed the yellow star and enable admin mode and went “ohhhh”, I had not even initially realized stuff was being read, like by scoble etc…..I am glad I did not give my full work info out, I had almost sent you a direct link.
There may be some kind of hacking going on too, think we should not rule that out.

Kimmer wrote:
I agree with hacking. Let’s keep our info at the new MB

Too bad about the new external message board. I wonder if I am already in there too? Yup, got my invite. 😉

Nothing to see here, move along

Posted in Kimkins on September 28, 2007 by theTRUTH

Apologies to readers who thought something was up. Us bloggers were just messing around trying to make Heidi and the Admins sweat. Looks like we made all of our friends sweat by mistake. We didn’t do it out of selfish reasons or to generate traffic. Traffic means nothing to us, financially or otherwise. Call it Freakout Friday. We will all get back to business as usual now. Not much material out there. I’ll see if I can dig up an old PM for you though (pre-shutdown).

Evil Grin

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Posted in Kimkins on September 28, 2007 by theTRUTH

"Should I be Scared?"

Posted in Kimkins on September 28, 2007 by theTRUTH

The following was posted last night in the Kimkins cafe:

Should I be scared?
Okay, I’m not here to cause trouble but in light of all the “kimkins drama” that has surfaced, I’m getting a little worried about the risks of the plan. I thought it was safe. That’s what I read when I joined.
I was having such great success with the plan and was well on my way, now I’m getting scared
Can someone please enlighten me?
Email me if you have to:

The following response was deleted and the poster was banned.

Re:Should I be scared?
I’m not a doctor.
Scared? No – what point does fear serve?
Informed? Heck yes. Do your research.
Educated? Um… yeah. Definitely.

My advice, and the advice of most of the people who have left the site – especially if you’re having good success with this plan – is to print out your fitday (you do have a fitday, right? If not – get one) for a couple of weeks, and bring it to your doctor. Ask for a CMP and a CBC and a thyroid screening, and show him your fitday, as well as any supplements that you’ve been taking, and ANY side effects you’ve been having:

Hairloss, Dizziness, Faintness, Nausea, Ammenorhea (loss of period), Dry skin, brittle nails, foggy brain, forgetfulness… Anything that’s new.
Ask him if you should be scared, if you should be tweaking, of if you should keep on keeping on.

My public stance – and private too – for record:
I joined in June. I think that most of the advice that was given out on this site between June and the whole Kimmer is a fraud thing is crap. No such thing as starvation? Since when does a layman with no personal or educational foundation have the ability to question umpteen thousands of MEDICAL DOCTORS who have researched obesity, diet, _meta_bolism, etc? The good Dr. Atkins (formerly known on this site as Dr. Fatkins) spent 30 years of his professional life (at least) and several million dollars researching low carb and the most effective ways to LOSE FAT FOR HEART HEALTH. He was, after all, a cardiologist.

That said – The advice given in an attempt to cover the behinds of kimmer and the other admins since then has been pretty good stuff.

So yeah – do your research, but never be scared.
She had me fooled, too.

But dont be afraid of her or of the truth: do your OWN research and make your OWN decision.
Read THIS.
Then read Beckys Blog.
Then listen to Christin:
Have a look at Deni’s doctor’s words:
Read The Truth.

Read about low fat diets.
Heres what I saw when I did:
1. She lies to us AND TO HER ADMINS regularly.
2. She cant produce evidence of her weight loss (the reason we all believed her) or of her claims about Kimkins. Her success NEVER happened.
3. She denies it, but this plan hurts people.

Glad we could preserve these words for you so that more than just a few will see them, as they are wise words. For members who are curious, the “Should I be scared?” thread is still there in the cafe and is very active. The thing looks like a cheerleader get-together (with just a sprinkle of CYA) at this point though, anyone who has doubts, ask questions, or uses logic: need not apply. Busy day again friends…