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New Kimkins Calorie Minimum!

Posted in Kimkins on October 7, 2007 by theTRUTH

Tippy just made the following announcement in one fo the forums:

I agree 400 calories is too low. But it’s not anyone’s fault. We have never hung a calorie number on any plans except the veggie option because we didn’t want calories to be a concern. However, after reading about such low levels we have decided to announce that all Kimkins plans should have a minimum of 800 calories per day. The maximum level of calories should still be individualized from person to person according to weight loss ability.

Add calories in slowly. Do it in the form of extra lean protien and a tad more healthy fats. Do not increase calories thru carbs or you may wind up in trouble.

I hope this helps.

Um, too little, too late. Not anyone’s fault? How many posts do we have of Heidi telling people to lower calories or don’t worry about them? Telling them to eat only lean protein and only eat a little when/if you are hungry? Telling people 50g of protein is enough? Not anyone’s fault???


Tippy Needs Kids for Computer Help

Posted in Kimkins on October 5, 2007 by theTRUTH

Conversation from Wed 05 Sep

RE:kid was here

Tippy Toes wrote:
I have to get the kids teach me computer literacy. Lesson #1 complete–posting pics and avitors! Sorry. lol I am just too excited to finally learn!

Kimmer wrote:
LOL, I know! I had to pull one kid out of chemistry once to talk me through something on the computer. He was mad (and the office wasn’t too happy with me either!) I’m such a dolt with computers.
SingingLass mentioned her idea for us to have a “how to handle” topic in the admin forum. GREAT! Can you gather some ideas? I’ve got 2 more urgent emails and then I’ll be over there.
Remind me to pay you! $350/wk ~ $1505/mo

Tippy Toes wrote:
Yes. I will stay on the anti thread in lurk mode as I think most of the admins do. First, I want them to all understand this scare tactic is just like politics and means nothing. It is just to scare everyone off. We are smarter than to believe all the bogus info–besides, we all know better. I think bringing it to light is a great idea and may help the admins feel more comfortable. For every negative I see on the anti thread at LCF I will think hard about turning it into a positive… Such as a fundraiser for a non profit Diabetes Awarness group. We can use the anti thread to our benefit. And we will! I also suggest that those with sensitive feelings NOT read it at all. They want to hurt us. When you get the chance, just post in the admin section my title, whatever that may be, and I will start if you like.
I will meet and highly praise each and every admin and THANK them so much for the time they spend helping other people. And, that is exactly what they are doing.
Also want to point out that so many new “junior” members joining LCF just for the anti thread is likely the work and fiction of another… I have asked Tom to look into this thru IP servers but I think I was ignored. Some of the supposed junior members, and the Kimkins survivors as well are clearly fictional charactors. Funny but those junior members are better at finding information, better at posting pics and quoting than most of us are. That says a lot.
We are one big and HAPPY family here and we are too strong to be used for evil purposes. We know Kimkins works. Sure, we see people taking it too far and we are here to help them lose weight AND feel good. Where and what would happen to all those who cannot lose on any other diet if Kimkins disolved?

I am sure a lot of us could find creative answers to that last question Tippy, and we are speculating that we are about to find out the real answer to that hypothetical question.
Selling your soul for $350/wk? Priceless.

Tippy Negotiates Salary

Posted in Kimkins on October 4, 2007 by theTRUTH

Messages concluding on Tue 04 Sep

Tippy Toes wrote:
How can I help you? I have been helping newbies. Want me to stay there? An avitor would help… I posted a long post at LCF today about the possibility of being puppets for Catherine. Like anything else they don’t want to hear, I have been ignored. I hope you are doing well. Please don’t let them force you to shut this site down. You are needed and appreciated. I know you must be devestated by all goings on but chin up, please. This is so clearly spite on Catherines part. Like a lover… “If I can’t have you no one will”… You will hang in there and keep this site running, won’t you?

Kimmer wrote:
Aren’t you an admin? Your name was on the list! Hmmm, I’m pushing the tech guys pretty hard, maybe there was a boo boo. Anywho, I thought you already were! Do you work? Ha! All women “work”. If you have daytime hours, I have a Kimkins job for you if you’re interested. (A paid job).

Tippy Toes wrote:
I work for myself. We have rental property. So yes, I am interested. Always need $, lol! Whatcha got?

Kimmer wrote:
Well, since an admin is quitting every 5 minutes it seems … I need a Jack of All Trades (and you have rental property so you’re well qualified LOL!)
I’m looking for someone to take over what Christin did:
1) Head moderator (go-to person, scheduling mods for coverage although they are unpaid so we need finesse)
2) Forums (participating even more, especially in Newbie Support, Kimkins forums, Introductions)
3) Coordinator for Recipe Content (we have judges & rules, recipes will be sent to moderators for pre-judging and then judges notify you of winners)
4) Avon Walk & Susan Komen Walk for breast cancer (not until next year but we will be a sponsor & need to organize a Kimkins team – lots of cities to choose from. If you need to travel, your expenses will be covered).
I’m sure there’s more but this is a start. What do you think?
What do you think about $$$?
Thanks for the support.

Tippy Toes wrote:
I am very interested. And money talks, lol! Make me an offer…

Kimmer wrote:
LOL …. noooooooo, not make you an offer! I’m afraid I’ll insult you and then you’ll hate me too! Figure how many hours you think will be involved and what you think is fair. The downside is it’s not an 8-5 job (but then not 8 hrs a day either) — the upside is you make your own hours.

Tippy Toes wrote:
I am thinking. Will sleep on it. But I have some great ideas!

Kimmer wrote:
You can make the job your own. Whatever you think it should be, whatever will make Kimkins better. I’d love to hear your ideas!

Tippy Toes wrote:
How does this sound? I will spend a minimum of 20 hours per week on the site. Likely more… I will scroll around and see who’s doing well and help those struggling. I will especially spend quality time with newbies. I realize that success stories are what makes Kimkins what it is and I intend to see MANY!
In time, as the negitive publicity Catherine has caused fades, and as more and more start losing well and get a handle on Kimkins, perhaps we can find new moderators. Meanwhile I will surely do my best to cover.
You may send me anywhere you like for travel as long as my DH can go. We have very flexible schedules. He is a little worried about the haters targeting me and says he will be my body guard, lol. It’s up to you, but I would like to perhaps go on the scheduled cruise if you can’t make it for starters. I could make a big deal with meet and greets and perhaps we can play games for tee shirts or whatever. I think attneding gatherings and meeting people face to face is a good start.
I am also thinking of ways to drum up more biz for the site. I am thinking of a scheduled PUBLIC chat, open to anyone and advertised widely that I would monitor and answer questions to anyone wanting to learn more about Kimkins. I would also be able to “dismiss” any naysayerspromptly without causing a disterbance. They would just disapear… Poof, lol! I say this because I was in your chat one day before all the stuff began and there were so many happy people chatting about how thrilled they were losing weight on Kimkins. I think it would be great to have them there if we did schedule a public time for chat ever so often. I think it will get a lot of new members.
I think local news coverage of success stories are important as are magazine coverages. I’ll need to know more about contacting them, such as how Women’s World came into the picture. I am thinking a fair salary would be $250 per week plus $5.00 commission for each new membership once I start. The salary isn’t much and I am sure I’ll work more hours than 20 but I feel I can make it up on comm. I’ll work hard for you but I think you know that already.
Your turn… lol
PS~ I am just THRILLED to have an opportunity to be a part of the staff.

Kimmer wrote:
Jeannie, I love your ideas! Despite what SOME people may think, I’m a very honest and upfront person. So, I’ll be upfront with you so we’re on the same page.
$250/week is not a problem. That is what Christin was paid. The only other paid admin is KimATC but she makes less (her duties are less). The problem would be in $5.00 per member. I’ll explain as best I can:
Our tax rate including income, local, business, sales and state is nearly 50%, so 58 (after Paypal fees) becomes $29. Then we subtract tech support, graphic design, newsletter mailing, hosting and other fees and $29 dwindles pretty fast. If a sale is an affiliate generated sale, subtract another $15 off the top and we pretty much come out even on affiliate sales. When Catherine demanded a change in our contract 10 days before the end of the September 2006 I had to scramble. I could not agree to her 10X last month’s buyout demand. I had no idea what the future would hold. I had no idea what to do with a website or who would run it. Our current buyout agreement was $5K and I had to borrow from everyone I knew to raise $5K (yes, my friends are poor LOL). Those friends became my new partners. We divide profits equally. It makes a relatively small portion for each of us.
So $5/person sounds reasonable against $59 but we’re not working with $59 and I can’t commit to $5. People think I made millions from the magazine but that’s not true (then again, it’s none of their business).
Jeannie, I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding. I don’t want to promise anything I would need to change later. What if say $1500/mo now and re-evaluate where the website and sales are in 3 months?

Tippy Toes wrote:
You have yourself a deal! Maybe in time we can get things rolling in the right directions. I’ll sure try my best.
Hey, I hope you do recall me telling you about my family cruise we booked last year… We are going to be in the Bahamas from Sept. 9th thru the 13th. But, I am figuring you have paperwork or something to send me anyways first? Will I be an independant contractor? I don’t mind.
Oh, and not to worry about what i think of the BS at lcf. Clearly anyone with brains can see it is Catherine’s revenge. Plus it gave all the nay sayers a chance to dig in at you is all. Just today I saw someone post “Friends don’t let friends do Kimkins” and I wanted to laugh! No, friends don’t let friends eat doughnuts… Anyways, again so happy to be a team member! I feel bad about going on vacation. But it’s a must with family coming too and too late to change.
Let me know what’s next.

Kimmer wrote:
I’ll have notes for us to work from later on. Today is “social worker” day when my boys’ various social workers and therapists visit so that takes a chunk of the afternoon.
You will be a contractor for now. The trick with being classified as a contractor is that you also work for someone else. We’ll be getting more formalized about payroll. I’ve been resisting it because that takes it from “friend” to “employee” — kind of an icky feeling for me. We’ll draw up a contract with terms.
Do you mind weekly pay? I was paying monthly to make it easier for me, but then I just paid Christin $1000 and she quit the next day. Not smart on my part LOL. Christin & Deni think I’m immoral, but it didn’t stop them from taking their affiliate $$$ payout the day before quitting. Sorry, ignore that — talking to myself.
Can you get Tavosk started on forum assignments? He joined this morning as a volunteer admin. I’ll be back later with a less scatterbrained response. Did you have a title in mind? I need to take Christin’s bio down from Meet Your Team. I’m sure they’d prefer I didn’t use their photos on the front page, but they were paid
for those.

Tippy Toes wrote:
Well, I am not sure where to send anyone yet. Tomorrow will be a better day to start scoping out the threads. I have spent a lot of time reading the admins forums. Are they all still here and active admins? And you may say I have replaced Christin if you like or whatever title you choose.
Yes, weekly is fine.

Folks, I don’t even know where to start with this one, (so many little nuggets in there) so just consider it a gift and let the comments roll in. Oh yeah, much more to come for Tippy fans!

Tippy’s Success Story

Posted in Kimkins on October 4, 2007 by theTRUTH

The following private conversation took place between Kimmer and Tippy in late August, and we have it thanks to the stupidity of Kimmer opening the PM system up to new admins. A mistake we regret to say, has now been corrected. If any current admins want to help us out with info, consider this an open invitation, and we will spare you in future posts.

Tippy Toes wrote:
Hey Kimmer! I mailed the before and after pics to you and submitted my story to the webmaster email addy. Feel free to use the pics! And edit the story if its too long. And they say you have no success stories! PFTTTT You need not return the pics either. I had duplicates made in this advanced tech world which I am behind in, lol! Always watching your back, friend. If I can support or help further just let me know and I will. You have helped so many people to be free of obesity and have fuller lives! Great job!

Kimmer wrote:
I got your pics — are you a troublemaker or what? Nobody will believe it’s the same person. THIS is why they think our success story photos are fake! Don’t worry about me, they’re going in totally the wrong direction. But that’s OK, it’s like keeping little kids busy while you’re making dinner. Funny thing is, the more they talk the more traffic we get … and more sales. We rarely, rarely get a refund request either. Go figure? I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!!!

Tippy Toes wrote:
Loved the newsletter! Noticed no comments from the anti thread, RFLMAO. Of course not! You have no success stories–I forgot! Yeah, right. Hey, I just found out my thyroid is not making T3. I have had symptoms since my late 20’s but never tested till now. Dr. Atkins says prolonged dieting of any kind can cause it, along with menopause especially. Makes me wonder one thing. Since Kimkins is such a fast weight loss program, would you say the thyroid would be at LESS risk than prolonged dieting? Whatcha think? I know for sure Kimkins didn’t cause this since I never stayed on continually but perhaps I should have… Atkins would be more to blame and I am in menopause. No worries, they can fix me anyways. Just making maitnenace a bit harder is all. I am back on Kimkins now as I hit 155 today. BRAKES ARE ON!

Notice the admission that Tippy never stayed on Kimkins continually… We personally love the mention of her not having any success stories. How do you feel about that now Tippy? Are you dumb enough to stand by her now?
As I have said before, I am just getting started on going through these old PMs between Kimmer and Tippy. Don’t change that dial! More TRUTH when we get some spare time.

FAKE! Kimkins Success Stories

Posted in Kimkins on October 4, 2007 by theTRUTH

Kimkins Exposed has the scoop on who these women and these women from the Kimkins Success Stories really are.

ETA: All in one convenient location here.

Tippy on Kimkins and Heidi

Posted in Kimkins on October 4, 2007 by theTRUTH

Thanks to Doggy Girl for posting the following quote from Tippy Toes, Kimkins Admin and Kimmer lackey:

This is my comment on the Kimkins Heidi Diaz subject. None of us knows who Kimmer really is for sure. But if she is Heidi Diaz then she would not be the first person to gain weight and not admit to it. Take a good look at the current admins at LCF. And read this carefully. I went to a gathering and they all looked pretty good! I was inspired by the before pics they all shared. After that gathering I stopped losing weight on Atkins diet. The admins did encourage me to stick it out, add this, take that out, ect. I did listen to them and tried it all. The stall would not break. Still, I kept thinking how slim they all were at the gathering and how much I respected the opinions and suggestions given. I waited for 6 months and the stall never broke. Soon after I found Kimkins and it worked beautifully. Gathering #2 came and we went. This time I was nearly in shock. The very same admins who were giving me advice and telling me NOT to use Kimkins had regained a lot of weight back. (Not all but most had) Worse, many never changed stats or removed the “after” pics either. I wanted to cry. I had believed them… And yes I did take pics at both gatherings and no I will not show them. I will not be taking the same path as the haters. That would be wrong.

Does Kimkins work? You bet your arse it does! I see successful people in there every single day. They bought a membership for a diet in order to lose weight and that is exactly what they are getting. They did not buy a membership to pry into anyone’s private and personal life. I personally have lost over 60lbs doing Kimkins and am damn proud of it. We all are proud to be losing weight and feeling great doing Kimkins.

I have contacted the reporter myself. We want to issue him a site pass so he can report from inside Kimkins. We want him to see how succesful Kimkins diets really are. We hope he accepts our invitation.

Later today, we will post proof that Tippy didn’t lose all that weight doing Kimkins, and reveal the real reason she accepted the job of doing Kimmer’s dirty work.

KTLA: Part 2

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