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One Last Package under the Tree

Posted in Kimkins on December 25, 2007 by theTRUTH

I removed the bulk of my last post after its overnight existance, out of a desire not to further stir the pot this holiday season. My opinions remain unchanged, but may be somewhat softer than were initially conveyed. I may or may not come back in my former capacity after the holidays but I am not making that decision today. I assure all I remain committed to truth and justice for all those that deserve to be dragged into their light. If I have a part to play, I’ll try to do so.

I’ll close with a plea that we all just get along for a few days and think inward to the things that are most important to us. Seriously, though, Happy Holidays to those of all faiths.




Where I am this Holiday Season

Posted in Kimkins on December 24, 2007 by theTRUTH

I’ll be taking another break to be with family and celebrate the holiday away from the stress and drama. If anyone needs anything, let me know here in the comments, as I will try to check them occasionally.

I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

– theTRUTH
(is out there)

"Out where a friend is a friend"

Posted in Kimkins on December 18, 2007 by theTRUTH

Now that I am back from prison, er, my psychotic break, er, um, vacation, I have been going through my archive of PMs from within and dug out this tasty tidbit from 9/11. Background is that the mrfreddy member had dared question Kimmer’s genuineness in her comments about the 9/11 anniversary. Some of may remember that thread. Osuzana (who morphs into stormyweather by the end of the conversation) jumps to Kimmer’s defense and ends with a jab at LCF.

Osuzana wrote:
you paid $60 to come to say that?
You must be a NUT!

mrfreddy wrote:
thanks for the respectful reply. I am dead serious about respecting 911.
anyway, I joined over a year ago.
do you deny that Kimmer is a fraud? are those not her pictures? if not, then whose pic is that before pic she used?

Osuzana wrote:
I am not a staunch kimkin defender… (of that person) because I don’t know who she is… my defense is this web site… it is made up of many wonderful people…
we are a good community and don’t need the negativity here… many do not care about kimmers identity… hoestlly,…if I had to check on every person that created a product that I buy, i would be insane!!!
This person created a plan that works… no question…. she also provideda space for those doing the plan..that is here… the space has attracted may people and we are all happy here…things were fine untill LCF took there vendtta out on her and started digging up dirt on her…
who cares?… I paid for my membership… not the story of her life I DON’T CARE! ABOUT HER DIRT… we all have dirt… unless we are God!
And as for 911… we were all touched by it in one way or another..including Kimmer… so who are you to say she can’t mention it?
and remind others that it is a much better thing to reflect upon today, instead of the garbage that keep being brought up here.

mrfreddy wrote:
there are lots of web sites,forums,plans, etc. that are not run by lying sociopaths. Why would anyone want to be associated with that?
Her identity is what, in fact, got me interested in the first place. Her claims to have lost weight, etc. I believed her. It’s apparent she was lying. There is really no getting around that fact. SHe used her
I paid 35 bucks, I think. I dont care about the money, really, it more the principle.
and sure, the plan works. short term. there are very real health issues associated with it. this is dangerous stuff. be careful.
as for 911, I live and work near the WTC, had close friends die that day. Kimmer is just using 911 as a distraction from her very real issues. It’s a cheap and despicable ploy.

stormyweather wrote:
I beg to differ… Tom who runs LCF has no more integrity than anyone else… He lies and lets the kimmer diet remain on his web site, and supplies a space for it, and also lets the Lynch mob group operate from that very web site…
If you are unhappy here..then perhaps you should go there…
No one is making you stay.
And I don’t care if you live in NYcity or not I’m a long island girl, and had friends dissappear on that day too.
Being a US citizen gives her the right to remind us all to spend time thinking about what happened to this ENTIRE country 6 years ago…not just NYC people
And we are not the ones to judge people…God does that… We all have skeletons in our closets…
If you joined here because of kimmer..well that is your choice and right…I joined because the plan worked..
I was doing it way back when she offered for FREE on LCF… for several years…
Funny no one needed to know who she was back then!!!!

I know this is old, but as I said, I have been out of it a long time, and just started going through pages and pages fo stuff I had saved out… Not to say I can’t get more (fresh material) if necessary.

“Where the longhorn cattle feed
On the lowly gypsum weed
Back in the saddle again”

theTRUTH Lives

Posted in Kimkins on December 17, 2007 by theTRUTH

Sorry about being gone. I guess I have been on a much needed mental vacation, and things were moving along so well without me I have since found out. After the holidays, I’ll get back in the swing of things. Please comment here and fill me in on what work still needs to be done. Mostly this post is just to offer a sincere apology for my disappearing act. My friends deserved better, but I am human, and I have been living life outside of the Kimkins Tragedy for the last 2 months. I have missed you all.