Kimmer: Cut Calories and Take Laxatives

Welcome to theTRUTH’s new-look WordPress blog! Thought we would kick off the new blog by starting a series of revealing private messages from Heidi Diaz (talking about laxatives and cutting calories to dangerous levels) with members of the kimpound.

From our mountainous archives: a conversation from March 6th 2007:

Re: Slowing Weight Loss?


Hi, Kimmer!

I know you’ll probably forget, so I’ll run through my stats for you again. I’m 5’6″, almost 40 and trying to get down 115. My starting weight was 206. I’m now 198.2. I’ve lost 7.8 lbs my first week, along with a total of 6 inches all over. I’ve been doing 30 minutes cardio and ab work daily, and chest exercises like push-ups and bench press every other day. My keto sticks are just a hint lighter than the darkest shade.

Avg daily calories= 632
Avg daily fat= 22g
Avg daily protein= 78g
Avg daily carbs 11g
I drink 70-90 ounces of water a day.
I’ve been taking my multi-vitamins, CLA and Omega 3-6-9 capsules, too.

I think I’ve been perfect, but the scale the last few days only shows a half pound loss each morning. Any idea why my weight loss appears to be slowing down?

Thanks for your help!


Can I see your Fitday? Although a .5 lb a day is 3.5 lbs a week, I know you want something faster.


Well. Hm. Print screen doesn’t work in this mini mail system so I’m typing it all out for you.

2/26 (My first official day on the plan)
2 hard boiled eggs
2 slices turkey bacon
albacore tuna 5 ounces with 1 teaspoon miracle whip light
6 ounces top round
809 cal; 26g fat; 12g carb; 112g protein
My weight was 206

2 hard boiled eggs
2 slices turkey bacon
6 ounces top round
604 cal; 20g fat; 10g carb; 77g protein
My weight was 205.4

3 hard boiled eggs
2 slices turkey bacon
albacore tuna 5 ounces with 1 teaspoon miracle whip light
1 turkey burger
650 cal; 25g fat; 13g carb; 74g protein
My weight was 202.4

2 hard boiled eggs
2 slices turkey bacon
regular tuna 5 ounces with 1 teaspoon miracle whip light
1 turkey burger
652 cal; 24g fat; 13g carb; 74g protein
My weight was 200.4

3 hard boiled eggs
2 slices turkey bacon
1 turkey burger
482 cal; 21g fat; 11g carb; 41g protein
My weight was 200.4

2 hard boiled eggs
2 slices turkey bacon
regular tuna 5 ounces with 1 teaspoon miracle whip light
1 plain grilled chicken breast
695 cal; 18g fat; 11g carb; 102g protein
My weight was 199.2

2 hard boiled eggs
2 slices turkey bacon
1 plain grilled chicken breast
535 cal; 16g fat; 10g carb; 69g protein
My weight was 198.8

3 hard boiled eggs
1 slice turkey bacon
1 turkey burger
446 cal; 19g fat; 11g carb; 39g protein
My weight was 198.2

3/6 (planned menu)
3 hard boiled eggs
2 slices turkey bacon
1 turkey burger
482 cal; 21g fat; 11g carb; 41g protein
My weight was 197.I drink between 70-90 ounces of water a day, too. Just so you know, when I go below 450 calories, I feel faint. I tried to yesterday, but I just couldn’t. Carbs are from MonaVie (8g carb per day) and eggs and the couple of teaspoons I had of Miracle Whip with the tuna. I did lose 1.2 lbs yesterday. My keto sticks were the darkest shade last night. Yay! That never happened on Atkins.

Thanks for your help!


Be sure your measurements are accurate.
Light headed to me is a signal that there’s extra carbs somewhere and you’re teetering on the verge of ketosis. Once you’re “in”, then you’ll feel fine.

Here’s my suggestions:

1) Skip the MonaVie
2) Skip beef of any type — stick with chicken or fish
3) Skip the turkey bacon

Everything else looks good! If you lose 1.2 lbs that’s a REALLY good sign that your dominos are stacking back up!

Do you need help with potty (especially with the beef)?


I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have not gone over 13 carbs at any point since I started because I am a carb nazi. My keto sticks have been near purple to fully purple since the third day, so I’m not slipping out of ketosis. Yes, I truly only used 1 flat teaspoon of Miracle Whip per 6 oz can of tuna. The beef I ate was leftover roast from before I started, so there won’t be any more of that from here on out.

I will try to skip the turkey bacon, but I truly cannot go below 450 calories–it makes me feel ill. On two separate occasions, I tried, both with the same result: stomach pain, pounding head and weakness to the point of having to sit down.

I can’t cut the MonaVie totally. I’ve already cut it in half and am experiencing a significant increase in joint pain and insomnia as a result. (I was taking 16g of carbs per day before I started Kimkins. That amount relieved my pain and sleep problems.)

I did buy some Smooth Move tea the other day. I can say my bowel habits have changed dramatically, from twice a day to twice in the last 4 days. Maybe that’s the problem… I bought the tea because I didn’t want the carbs in the soluble fiber I have on hand. Do you think I’m just backed up?

Thanks again!


I can only give you my opinion. I don’t think your calories are as low as you think — but that’s only my opinion.

However, let’s say they are. Let’s analyze why would feel faint? There’s no reason. Except for the Mona Vie (2 oz = 8 carbs), you’re not taking in any carbs, right? Carbs are the ONLY thing that affect blood sugar (dizzyness).

If you feel dizzy and eat chicken and feel better, it’s not from the chicken. It has no carbs.

If you need 1500 calories a day, we’ll say to maintain your current weight and only eat 500 (to make my math easier), then your body takes the other 1000 calories from body fat. Again, nothing to be dizzy about. This is how gastric bypass patients lose so quickly. They have surgery, they’re ordered to stay at 500 calories (or less) and they lose 40-80 lbs a month depending on how overweight they are.

If you continue feeing dizzy I’d see a doctor. Maybe you’re diabetic and haven’t been diagnosed? We have a diabetic Kimkins member who said she was dizzy. I looked at her Fitday, nothing to cause dizziness. The problem? She was diabetic and kept taking her full dose of medicine! She didn’t need the whole dose because her carb intake was now very low.

The only other variable is the Mona Vie and you don’t want to give that up, so I’m out of ideas. Keep in mind that independent “health drinks” aren’t tested at the USDA National Lab necessarily. They can have their ingredient/nutrition label from anywhere. Maybe the carb count is wrong?

Again, if you lost 1.2 yesterday (this morning) then you might be on the way to getting the dominos restacked. Don’t “add” anything, see what your body does.

If you begin taking Smooth Move laxative tea, you need to take it every day. Otherwise you empty the bowel (scale loss) then it refills (scale gain).

The bold italics is our emphasis. There were no further PMs from this member in our archives, to anyone. We wonder if she continued to feel dizzy and did go to a doctor who told her to start eating more and run away from this woman as fast as her weakened legs could carry her?

Yes, before you ask, we sent screen shots of this to John.

Stay tuned for more in this series, and hope you like the new look blog!


19 Responses to “Kimmer: Cut Calories and Take Laxatives”

  1. Barbara B Says:

    Every time I read these pleas for help to Kimmer and then see her answers, I open a new window and look at the P.I.’s picture of Heidi and get furious all over again. It’s not only that she didn’t know what she was talking about. It’s that she deliberately put people at health risk, all the while downing Cap’n Morgan and sugar cookies – obviously gorging her own morbidly obese self, while telling others they didn’t “want it enough”.

    Glad to see you back, truth.

  2. Magicsmom Says:

    Ahhh, there it is! The old “your calories are higher than you think”, “you must have extra carbs in there”, and the oldie but goodie, “you should not be feeling faint. Your body will take what it needs from stored fat”. I swear, this woman is more dangerous than people even know. She is sadistic. There is no other explanation for how she could read this and respond as she did. I’m so glad you’re back, and glad you had screen shots to prove what we all remember so well.

  3. mad4plaid Says:

    I hope she ran away as fast as she could too.

    To begin with she’s “5′6″, almost 40 and trying to get down 115.” That’s too low for someone that tall to begin with – 115 is a normal weight for someone who’s 5’3″. But I guess we couldn’t expect someone like Heidi to point out that she was aiming for an unrealistic weight, could we?

    Light headedness is NOT caused by extra carbs, unless you have hypoglycemic problems, and even then, you need to be consuming far too many carbs for your body to handle, to the tune of hundreds/day. No way is an average of 11 g carbs “too many” for even the worst hypoglycemic. (I know of what I speak, having dealt with this problem since forever)

    Skip the beef? she was eating top round fer cryin’ out loud, 312 nearly fat-free calories of protein, almost half her daily calorie intake!

    And skip the turkey bacon too?! Yeah, that stuff is soooo high in fat and calories (NOT!) that surely it would cause problems too.

    Then follow it all up by taking smooth move so that you don’t have a chance to absorb what few nutrients you’re actually consuming.

    Angry doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this kind of cockamamie advice.

    I’m glad to see you back too – I have a feeling that the rest of the PM posts you have to share are going to be even worse. The lies this woman spews are sickening.

  4. Every time I read her drivel I get fired right back up again. I do hope you will continue to post these. It will keep people focused on what is at stake here.

    Hopefully it will also sound a warning to others intent on giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    And folks, there is still time to join the lawsuit!

  5. I actually felt physically ill as I read the above mentioned “advice”. I hope and pray the member got the true help she needed and not from this “crackpot”.

  6. Just Curious Says:

    Do you have that members exclusive permission to be publishing her private conversations? Did you obtain these private conversation legally?

    I understand and support exposing Diaz, but it doesn’t seem right to exploit others in the process.

    Also, It is pretty obvious that some members suffer from some kind of psychological problems to ever have considered taking things to such extremes, and then to justify it by saying so-n-so said to do this, if someone where to tell these individuals to jump off a bridge because it would help weight loss, would they do it? To have such difficulty transitioning, or getting past their KimKins days, further gives cause to suspect some kind of deep rooted pre-existing psychological problems that perhaps they were not aware of. Some of these people really should seek professional help.

    I understand the need to blame everything on KimKins, but that is certainly not the answer to the real root of the problem for some.

    If many of the ones that are trying to expose the kimmer did not have personal agenda’s or vendetta’s and were not seeking personal gain from this, or had enough respect not to exploit other people in the process, then the general public might show more compassion. As it stands, it leans more towards being a self imposed vicious vigilante committee on a mission with no regard, or respect to others privacy, many of the vigilante group don’t seem to think twice about the consequence that their mission might impose on others! How would they like it if their most personal and private information was being plastered all over the net?

    People in that KimKins forum are paid members and spilling their guts in a private forum, to have someone go in and copy and past their words from inside those private forum walls and exploit them with their own words outside those those private walls on a very public WWW should be criminal and might just be.

    Just a Thought, and Just Curious,
    Keep up the great work, but please be more respectful of others.

    The ID (and real name, which we do not know) of the innocent member has been hidden from public view. We have no personal vendetta or agenda. We seek no personal gain. We have no ads on the site. We are not hocking our own diet. We mean no disrespect to anyone. If the member in question comes to us and asks us to change or obscure more information, we will do so. We choose these methods to expose the truth. It needs to be told you know…


  7. What stuck out to me was the Gastric Bypass patients only eat 500 calories a day. This is so NOT true at all. My friend had the lapband a year ago and her
    doctor told her yesterday (cuz she wasn’t losing because of GERD and she couldn’t eat much) to take in 4 EAS shakes PLUS 3 meals day. The EAS
    shakes have 110 calories each, but she had to eat 3 meals as well. He gave her some prilosec and it really helped her GERD and she started eating again.

    She wasn’t losing because she wasn’t eating..Bypass doctors want you to
    EAT….probably around 1000 calories a day or MORE..because they know
    your body will go into “starvation mode.”..(which to Heidi doesn’t exist).

  8. Yet another example of Heidi Diaz’s concern for the wellbeing of her members. Isn’t she wonderful? Not only is she an expert on the subject of weight loss she also has the ability to medically diagnose over the internet.
    I wonder if there’s an additional charge for that or if it’s included in the fee for your pretend lifetime membership.

  9. Thanks for posting that, Truth. Sometimes I think we forget how truly ugly the PBTB was (and probably still is). The plan as written was ugly enough. Now, close your eyes and picture her typing this looking like she did in the PI pics while swilling some Cap’n and it makes you even more nauseaus. I hope so much that this member is okay. This is sick and wrong.

    Thanks for reminding us just how vile Kimmer is. Oh, and I think you did everything possible and necessary to conceal that member’s identity, so don’t worry about Kimmer’s (oops, I mean Singlinglass’s **double oops, I of course mean Just Concerned’s) veiled threat of criminal action.

    Welcome back.

    What, me worry? 😉

  10. thanks for sharing Kimmer’s ignorance for all to see.

    Low blood sugar would cause the issues the Pmer was writing about not too many carbs unless she was hypoglycemic. And that small amount isn’t too many.

  11. Thank you very much for that Truth, this is the kinda stuff people need to see, there’s no arguing her own words!!!

  12. yustyucky Says:

    Great info & great new look for your blog!

    Thanks Mimi,
    The blog is dark because we are all about showing the dark side of Heidi.

  13. thanks truth…good to see you back again! *HUGS*

    like others, seeing this stuff keeps me reminded of why we do what we do to stop her.

  14. So Very Sad Says:

    This brings tears to my eyes. I imagine that poor woman, sick nauseous dizzy and in pain and staring at the pic of the Russian bride in the red dress, wanting to look like her. Believing that if she does what Heidi says, she will look like her. All the while she is killing herself slowly, every day of not eating properly taking away months of her life.

    If there is any justice in this world, Heidi will go to prison over this and also be banned for life from every using a computer again, if that’s possible. Because she is using the internet as a weapon of death.

  15. […] Kimmer: Cut Calories and Take Laxatives « The TRUTH Starts Here […]

  16. Wow! That’s just crazy! I’m surprised she would advise something so dangerous.

  17. […] digested, so it has no meaningful calories and can’t contribute to fat-gain.) Instead, she recommends the use of laxatives to push through all of that meat and eggs her diet prescribes. Not a good […]

  18. […] is not digested, so it has no meaningful calories and can’t contribute to fat-gain.) Instead, she recommends the use of laxatives to push through all of that meat and eggs her diet prescribes. Not a good […]

  19. karinaconrad Says:


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