Kimmer: Calories and Laxatives #2

Another day, another member with potential health issues, same advice from Heidi. This exchange is from April 2007. Again, identities have been hidden to protect the innocent.


Hello Kimmer how are you doing? Hopefully all is well I have a couple of questions for you that maybe you can help with (I hope I’m not bothering you every other day but I am truly co dependent on this site for now and don’t want to mess this up ).
* I was reading a post that was asking about PAM sprays and how should they count it in their fitday, which got me thinking using PAM is my new way of cooking and I never count it in my Fitday…. Does this mean that my #’s are all wrong? Should I be counting it? And if so how?
* Another question I had was I started spotting for like about 2 days had all the symptoms bloated cramping etc which I thought was the start of TOM but then on the third day it completely went away! So I’m not sure if this is due to WOE or my body changing?
* I haven’t used the bathroom in 4 days and I’m scared to use anything thats going to make me cramp. Whats your best alternative to this problem?
* And lastly not that I’m complaining but I haven’t lost anything in a few days! I havent gained and I’m still in onderland but I’m a little bummed because I had thought I would be lower by now. Heres a link to my fitday account maybe if yu have a chance you can revise it again for me??????

I’m sorry to have bombarded you with so many questions.


Maybe you haven’t lost because you haven’t gone potty in 4 days?

There’s softening laxatives like Milk of Magnesia capsules (they take awhile to work) or stimulant types like Ex Lax or Senakot that can cause cramping, but you can try a smaller dose? Or Smooth Move tea which is senna based and you can decide how much “tea” you want to drink (maybe half mug not full)?
See if a laxative helps you “lose”, and here’s my comments:

I would pick leafy greens for salad instead of 1 cup of cucumbers or higher carb veggies.

Check your entries: re you sure your turkey weights are correct — 1 oz? diet soda 1 oz?

Are you actually weighing the chicken or guessing? Boot Camp chicken is raw weight, not cooked. What do you do with the leftover chicken breast (most are more than 4 oz)?

Skip breadsticks, cheese, sesame seeds, lime

Are you hungry? On April 11 your protein was a little high.

Spotting can be from melting body fat releasing old birth control pill hormones.



Hi Kimmer thanks once again for the timely response. Thanks also for taking a look at my fitday account. Lets see the turkey breast I buy is from healthy choice 4 slices equal 2 oz so I just eat 2 slices that equal out to 1 oz. The bread stick I didn’t have but went to mass and took the oath and didn’t know how to put that in LOL… soda I don’t count cause I figured its zero. But I don’t drink a lot of it either. The cheese I know thats a no no and since last time you checked and corrected it I didn’t have it again. The sesame seeds I just decided to venture out but they didn’t do anything for me. And the cucumber I didn’t know they were carby. My chicken I weigh it raw then prepare it with garlic pepper and save the rest in the freezer. I still haven’t gone to the bathroom but I’m going to get the mint MOM which is legal.


If the MOM doesn’t help, try ExLax, but take 1/2 a chocolate square to start so you don’t have cramping (or half the regular dose, whatever it is).

you’re doing soooooooo well!

We do have more. Think we will start to notice a pattern?


6 Responses to “Kimmer: Calories and Laxatives #2”

  1. Mayberryfan Says:

    I can’t believe Kimmer didn’t admonish this person to be sure and count the carbs in that half piece of Ex-lax. Good lawrd, she’s slipping! 😦

  2. Magicsmom Says:

    Ahh, there it is, the plan behind the plan! Great sleuthing!

  3. Barbara B Says:

    Words escape me. So how about #!@**!

  4. All the denial and cleaning house at KK doesn’t change the facts. Here’s proof and it’s disgusting.

    I know I’ve said this several times before but I still just don’t understand how anyone can read this stuff, see what’s she, herself, has admitted to, and still be there, support her, follow her. I just don’t get it.

    That is why we put this stuff out there. Her own words are powerful proof.

  5. Magicsmom Says:

    Oh yes, I see the pattern, and so will the judge! It is amazing to me that we all remember posts like these and she denies she ever said it. Kimmer, you are SO busted!

  6. thorswitch Says:

    Isn’t it sad someone is so obsessed with the diet that she’s trying to figure out how to count the COMMUNION WAFER she had at church?!? I’m just surprised Kimmer didn’t tell her to skip that, too (and what about that communion wine, eh?)

    I can’t believe I fortunate I am that I never heard of Kimkins until after all of the truth started coming out, but I am OUTRAGED on behalf of all the people she’s scammed and who have suffered because they followed her advice. It’s just sickening.

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