Kimmer: Calories and Laxatives #3

This exchange is from May 2007. Identity of the member is protected, and the added links and emphasis are ours. The rest is Heidi in her own words, again recommending daily laxative use and encouraging “rabbit” starvation.


– I started Kimkins 1-1/2 weeks ago. The first week I lost 9 pounds!! This week, although I believe I’m doing much the same things as the first week, I have gained one pound back and stalled. I never tried the Atkins, so I don’t have a low-carb background. I think I need help with the Kimkins Guidelines.
– Why are cooked veggies not allowed as much as raw? or why can we have so little? If I don’t have raw with my dinner, can I have 2 jello-cups of cooked?
– “Up to 20 carbs” – is this a matter of counting every single carb? Meaning, do I need to get a carb counting book?
– Why are some veggies not listed on your food list? Not that I’m eating them; I’ve been avoiding carrots and corn – just need to know.
– When you say “as much lean protein as desired”, do you mean it? or do you mean “up to 8 oz of lean steak” or whatever?
– I’ve been using Pam in my fry pan – is this the “enough fat to make your menu work”? I cut all the fat off the meats, seldom if ever use butter, no oil.
– Another indelicate problem is constipation. I’ve been drinking an herbal tea (when I remember…) at night to alleviate that problem. But it just manages to give me diarrhea, not a “bowel movement”. Could the problem hamper my progress?

I will cut my portions in half today, if that helps. I didn’t think my portions were too large. I just need to get off this plateau before discouragement sets in. One nice thing is I haven’t been hungry the whole time – although I do miss the foods I used to eat.
Can you advise?? Thanks loads.



OK, here’s some quick answers:

1) The cooked veggies have much more carbs than the salad veggies, this is why they’re limited. A “jello” cup is loosely measured, not packed down. For most cooked veggies it would be a heaping cereal spoon.

2) Corn and potatoes are extremely high in carbs and avoided until maintenance.

3) The best carb counter would be to try which is a free account and lists carbs and protein in nearly every food. Check the carbs in 1 cup of lettuce compared to 1 cup of corn!

4) You count all carbs including coffee, tea, veggies, sausage, condiments and remain under 20. Under 10 is even better!

5) Eat all you care to of lean protein means LEAN protein. All steak is at least 30% fat so it’s not a lean protein. Enjoy it 1-2X a week max, picking 4-5 raw ounce portions.

Be on the lookout for reduced appetite and don’t be afraid to eat less. This is a psychological barrier for many people. If you’re not hungry, by all means cut portions in half. The RDA for protein is only 60 grams — roughly 1 chicken breast for a whole day. No need to eat extra.

For constipation I suggest using 1 regular dose of a stimulant laxative like Senakot or ExLax one day, then a 25-50% dose every day after as a reminder. You want to keep things moving.


Whoa! I just went on – what an eye opener! It was almost depressing – especially about the salad veggies. But I’m really glad you told me where to look. Thanks.


No, not depressing! OK, is Kimkins fun & games? No. But there’s no faster way to lose — and you CAN lose super fast.

What I tell the girls is BE STRICT for a few months, and get skinny! THEN you’ll start adding back small amounts of carbs.

So great to allow a loosely packed jello cup or heaping cereal spoon of veggies while you were eating what, exactly Heidi? She was probably laughing and drinking cap’n and munching doritos while she wrote this drivel.

So we went a little link happy in there having some fun, but check them out for the full experience.

Stay tuned. In fact, you might want to subscribe, ’cause we ain’t done. We have to, as Heidi would say, “keep things moving”.


5 Responses to “Kimmer: Calories and Laxatives #3”

  1. TippyToes said,”I think it was well said previously that Kimkins diet has been abused by some members at their own doings who now point the finger in blame towards us. We are encouraging everyone to not abuse the plans or themselves for weight loss. They don’t have to! Kimkins works beautifully all on its own. We do not promote starvation, laxitive abuse or any of the like and we are making this clear.”

    “Their own doings”
    “We don’t promote starvation, laxitive (laxative) abuse or any of the like”


  2. katinsac Says:

    I sure hope all this information has been forwarded to John T.

    As we said in the first post in this series, screen shots of all this went to John some time ago. Godspeed.

  3. TRUTH,

    So good to see you back and blogging!

    I recently read the book Starvation Heights, which someone on LCF recommended because it was very similar to Heidi’s modus operandi. That person was so right. Heidi’s behavior absolutely parallels that of “Dr.” Linda Hazzard, who starved her patients to death in order to get control of their assets. The proclamation of expertise on diet, demand to be the center of attention and the bullying/mind game tactics are almost identical between these two women. It’s just scary and sad that a human being can do this to one or many others and feel no remorse what so ever. Linda Hazzard did get some jail time, so I’m hoping Heidi will follow in those foot steps too!

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

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  5. I just want to thank you again for coming back and posting these. This literally sent chills down my spine. Does anyone know if these ladies are still members? Are they okay? Heidi’s words are the embodiment of evil intent and I pray these people realize it in time and get away from her and find a safe and sane plan.

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