Kimmer: Laxatives #4

In June 2007, the first of the Womens World newbies starts to come in and ask questions. This is the advice they get:


I’m brand new at this. My concern is not getting enough fiber in my diet. I have been eating Kashi cereal every morning to keep me going. What do you recommend? Fibercon, Metamucil, daily? Thank you.


If you’re certain you want to take fiber supplements, you should pick whichever type you like. I recommend against fiber for fastest weight loss. They work by bulking which means they forum a mass in the colon (think of a bowling ball rolling down the alley) and absorb water.

This water weight gain is disheartening to some people and they get discouraged.

Kimkins works on the basis of counting all carbs. We don’t subtract fiber. So, to do Kimkins correctly, you should count the fiber in your supplements. Our limit is 20 grams total per day from all sources.

For regularity I do recommend taking a weak dose of laxatives every day We’re not talking laxative abuse here! Not like movie stars who take handfuls. Just 1 regular dose to dose and a 25-50% dose daily after that to keep things going..

Some people are shaky about taking laxatives, but think Smooth Move senna tea is OK. I find that mildly humorous since senna tea IS a laxative!

Welcome to Kimkins!

Does her quote above imply to anyone else that if according to Heidi, if movie stars take handfuls of laxatives, and they look like, well, movie stars, then…???

Another one, later that same month.


I have been on the diet just over 2 weeks and love it. My problem is I get very constipated. I have been eating chicken, turkey, fish, salads & veggies. I have been taking fiber pills. I need help in getting and staying regular. Thanks Pearl


The fiber pills will work against you. They work by bulking and making a “mass” in the colon. Also, if you use psyllium pills, count their carbs toward your 20 daily total. I believe they are 1 carb each?

I suggest that people take a full dose of a stimulant laxative the first 2 days (like Ex Lax?) and then a 50% dose 1 per day after that. The idea is to gently keep things going, not develop a laxative habit.


You think halving the dose but taking it every day is going to keep it from being habit forming? Sick.
What happens when half starts to fail to work, then 100% fails to work, etc? Handfuls?

Notice that her replies later in June are getting shorter, probably due to the number of questions from new folks during this time frame. Normally asking questions would be a good thing, but when these are the answers you are getting, it would have been better to just follow the plan as written, instead of the plan behind the plan. Not much better, but better for sure…


7 Responses to “Kimmer: Laxatives #4”

  1. Though I’ve been aware of her heavy handed advocacy of laxative use, have read it, heard, and have seen it for myself, reading these PMs and seeing it all over again just reminds me of how bad it all really is.
    My blog: Weighing The Facts

  2. The biggest thing I want people to remember—besides how unqualified Heidi is to give nutritional advice—you can only go potty if you actually EAT!!!

    You gotta put something in to get something out.

    Sorry for the disgusting visual.

  3. Barbara B Says:

    Well, it certainly reaffirms what we are all fighting against. A sick, evil, and sociopathic woman, who has done untold harm to many. And with glee, I’m sure. Her contempt for women is so obvious when you go back and read all her posts. I imagine her in her tawdry white stretch pants downing Cap’n Morgan while snarking at women because of more than a finger grab full of LETTUCE!

    Truth, thanks for the reminders of just how bad she is.

  4. Bama, I was thinking this too. How much could you possibly need to go eating 500 or less calories a day!

  5. Magicsmom Says:

    Bama, your visual is no where near as disgusting as Heidi’s “visual” of a bowling ball rolling down an alley. :sick: But you are correct; when you barely eat, you barely “go”.

  6. I was a member when that magazine came out, lost my weight and still low carb today. KK was never 500 calories a day, KE either, in fact it was all the lean protein you wanted, maybe you have that confused with the bootcamp, or challenges some members started on the board that took the program to extreme?

    I also never SAW laxative use as listed as part of the diet, these are answers to people that inquired, she merely answered with her opinion, never said it was a professional one.

    People shouldn’t ask if they don’t like the answer, then try to say it was part of the diet, that is an out right lie. I know that laxative use was NOT part of the diet. I certainly never used them. I also never only consumed 500 calories a day either.

    Maybe you people have other agendas and are using extreme reporting.

    Also for the person asking on the other thread about where the “bowel reabsorbs and ferments” came from, that’s a known fact, look it up:

    Thanks Carol. We are not making this stuff up. Heidi said all of this. It was Heidi’s site and Heidi’s diet. These are her words, not ours. When people asked why they were not losing fast enough, Heidi invariably told them to cut calories further and often suggested the use of daily laxatives. She didn’t have a “professional opinion”, because she is not a professional; unless you count being a professional con-artist. Congrats on losing your weight with low carb, it is the way to go, but Kimkins isn’t a low carb diet: it is a low carb / low fat starvation diet. -T

  7. you knoiw looking up that “known fact” on the google search link Carol gave above there is an interesting article about it that says it was invented by the colonic cleaner folk and doesn’t exist in real medical text. Wonder if Kimmer was googling and didn’t check her sources too well like her if you are fat you don’t need to eat fat proclamation.

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