Kimmer: Laxatives #6

Later in July 2007:


I lost the 20 pounds my first month – July 18th was my 30 days.

Is that the average, I notice that some people drop 30 pounds the first month. I do not cheat. And i really need to find a good lax, it’s been almost two weeks since a movement.
I want to lose more. I did boot camp, now I just eat the lean meat. Some times it’s fried maybe once every two weeks.
But I must say I am happy.

So back to my question, how can I speed this up and can you recommend a good laxative?
Thank You


Sure, but the there’s 2 things: 1) don’t take too much 2) take the reduced dose EVERY day

You’ll want a stimulant type. The other types are ‘bulking’ and take forever, plus bloating until they work. There are softeners, they also take a long time.

Stimulants include Ex Lax, magnesium citrate (look like bright colored soda bottles) or epsom salts (tastes horrible, guaranteed you won’t over do it!)

1) Start with a regular dose of whichever type you pick (say Ex Lax), for 2 days at night.
2) Each night take a 25-50% dose at night. Your body will tell you which amount.

You don’t want to keep toxins built up in your system!


Toxins? Like chemical laxatives perhaps?


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