Kimmer: Laxatives #7

This is from the end of July 2007, and Heidi is getting snippy with questions about her by now…

I am really confused w/ the conflicting info I have been reading. Have you ever talked to a doctor about the guidelines on this site? How do you feel now, on maintainence? Where is your weight at now and what about the other admins-have they kept their weight off or is it creeping back on. What foods do you eat now? How is your muscle tone and metabolism? I know alot of ? but I do not want to ruin my health (I know being fat does but I do not want to work at so hard only to ruin it more) just when i have decided to be healthy. Have you thought about a regular section that keeps updated photos of maint. people good/bad so we know what to look forward to? I have done ok on this plan, most important is I have kept my sugars down-I am diabetic- so that makes me very thankful. I do plan to talk to my doc but that is not until end of August so I wanted ‘hear’ what you have to say first. Thank you for your time-xxxxxxxxxx


What conflicting info?
We eat nonfatty protein and veggies, how “unhealthy” can that be? Kimkins is a combo of Atkins & Stillman’s, both written by medical doctors. You’ll need to contact the admins for their info. My weight is 118, I eat 1400-1700 calories a day and I had a dead metabolism at 16 so I continue taking thyroid pills.
Why do you think you would ruin your health? How do you think eating more fat or carbs would make your health better? What’s dangerous is waking up tomorrow morning as a type 2 diabetic from obesity. You don’t have to be very overweight to develop diabetes.
But I’ll tell you. If you think Kimkins is the wrong diet for you, then don’t do it. Pick Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or South Beach?


The conflicting info is how Jimmy M was so in support but this WOE but how he has now pulled that support. I am going to try and not take your-if you think this is wrong don’t do it-as if you have an attitude w/ me. I came to you in a private message because I wanted reassurance that this is a medically safe diet. That in 5 months I am not going to look back and wish I had done something different to lose the weight. I came privately because I do not want to raise any unnecessary concerns for anyone else because I have them. I am sorry if my questions came across rudely to you. I do have type 2 diabetes and have found that my sugar numbers are great on this plan but I was concerned w/ the other poss health problems that could arise, worried that lack of fiber is a problem, etc. ww-too slow, jenny craig -too expensive, south beach-seen a lot of people regain lost weight. This is why this plan is the first and only one that I have ever spent money on. I was encouraged w/ the testimonials so I joined. I guess I will just speak w/ my own doctor and let time be my answer. I again apologize if I offended you and I will not waste any more of your time. Sincerely, xxxxxxxx


Hi xxxxxxxxxx,

I apologize. It was a long weekend and very busy Monday. You were only asking a question and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Jimmy is a Kimkins member and an affiliate and I cannot comment on conversations I had with him, except that his reason for changing his opinion about Kimkins were for “other” reasons. He feeds his family from the blog and sponsors. If enough anti-Kimmer people threaten to stop reading or buying stuff, what’s he going to do?

I’ll tell you what. I’m not a doctor so how about if you take the Kimkins Diet Plan page to your doctor along with the 7 Day Sample menu and ask him/her. Or, better yet — fax it to their office so they can look it over. Ask what they think. Tell them your blood sugar levels (one of my foster kids is diabetic, he calls it his BS level … kids are so funny).

Again, xxxxxxxxxx, I’m sorry if I seemed tempermental. My fault not yours.



Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am taking your suggestion, letting him know what I am eating, that I am taking my vitamins and see if he has any concerns. I am really happy that I am losing weight-my goal is to be as healthy as I can as fast as I can. I understand Jimmy has tough choices to make and that he has to do what is best for his family. I will continue w/ this plan as long as it is safe for me and i thank you for sharing your WOE w/ all of us. I know you are busy so you do not need to respond to this message just know I appreciate the education! Sincerely, xxxxxxxxxxx


xxxxxxxxx, thanks for being so nice about it.

Here’s a thread by a member who just recently got “thumbs up” from her doctor and there’s other “my doctor said it’s OK” threads.

BUT check with your doctor. I really would fax over the 2 pages (diet page, sample diet) and write down 2-3 questions like:

1) Is this safe to do long term?
2) They say to take a Centrum vitamin each day, is that enough?
3) They said for constipation to take a 25-50% dose of laxative each day, is that OK?

See what he says. His nurse will probably call you with his reply. But your mind will be at ease and you’ll feel better. You NEVER want to do a diet if you’re unsure. Your mind is very powerful!


So, now she is fishing for Dr. approvals. Remember, at this time, the pressure was really on from the bloggers. Also, do you see that the laxatives are part of the plan now? This person wasn’t even asking about ‘potty’ issues, and yet, there it is, in black and white.


7 Responses to “Kimmer: Laxatives #7”

  1. Let’s see how many lies Kimmer told here. I’m typing fast so I bet I’ll even miss some!

    We eat nonfatty protein and veggies, how “unhealthy” can that be?

    Kimkins is a combo of Atkins & Stillman’s, both written by medical doctors.

    My weight is 118

    I eat 1400-1700 calories a day

    Jimmy is a Kimkins member and an affiliate

    his reason for changing his opinion about Kimkins were for “other” reasons.

    He feeds his family from the blog and sponsors. If enough anti-Kimmer people threaten to stop reading or buying stuff, what’s he going to do?

    one of my foster kids is diabetic

  2. I know I keep saying this, but Truth, really, thank you for posting this. I was sad when you went on hiatus, but in a way, I think this is just the shot in the arm we all needed, so the “pause” worked, whether you intended it that way or not. Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget just how truly devoted she was/is to her vision/plan to get women as sick as she possibly could/can. Each day I log on here and I’m further amazed and appalled at her very own words. They WILL come back to bite her in her (ample )ass.

    And Oh Yeah — great comment.

    p.s. If anyone gets upset by my ample ass comment, I’m talking about Kimmer, and only Kimmer here. Ya’lls asses are nice 🙂

  3. Boy, oh boy, does the Snark queen hate to be questioned, or what? It was a long weekend, busy Monday. Well, isn’t that always the way when someone asks legitimate questions of Heidi Diaz? Of course the answers were yet another set of lies. She disgusts me.

    Thanks for posting these, Truth.

  4. yustyucky Says:

    One word: coprophilia

  5. Barbara B Says:

    If you picked out all her lies, there’d be almost nothing left, would there? It’s fascinating to read her lies and know what she really looks like. Oh, and if you look at her deposition picture, you might notice that not only did her diet not work, that Retin A just wasn’t cutting it, was it?

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  7. […] diet probably needs fiber supplements. At least it seems to be a MUCH better alternative than the laxative abuse recommended by the Kimkins founder, Kimmer. Kim Kims, Kim Kins, fast weight loss, heidi diaz, […]

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