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Happy Birthday Kimmer!

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Today, Heidi K. Diaz turns the big 5-0h! Congratulations, hun, you made it!

And after looking at all of her photos she has released, we think she doesn’t look a day over 25… or 30, or 60. Anyway, live it up while you can sweetie.

This Day in History

1863: Confederate General Stonewall Jackson dies eight days after he is accidentally shot by his own troops during the American Civil War
Learn more about Stonewall Jackson.

1869: A golden spike is driven into the ground in Promontory, Utah, where the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads meet; it marks the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the United States.
Learn more about Railroads.

1940: British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain resigns; at the request of King George VI, Winston Churchill agrees to take over as prime minister.
Learn more about Sir Winston Churchill.

1941: Nazi deputy Rudolf Hess, apparently seeking a peace deal between Germany and Britain, steals a plane and crash lands in Scotland; he is arrested and imprisoned for the rest of the war.
Learn more about Rudolf Hess.

1994: Nelson Mandela is sworn in as the first native African president of South Africa; a new, multi-racial cabinet is formed the following day.
Learn more about Nelson Mandela.

2008: ?????????

Born On This Day

1899: Fred Astaire, dancer and actor

1886:  Karl Barth, theologian

1838:  John Wilkes Booth, actor and assassin of President Abraham Lincoln

1850: Sir Thomas Lipton, merchant and yachtsman

1958: Heidi “Kimmer” Diaz, scam artist and lying liar that lies

Your Astrological Sign

Taurus is symbolized by the bull and ruled by the planet Venus. Taureans are considered to be practical, patient, and good-natured; they also can be jealous. They appreciate beauty and are attuned to the physical world.

Taureans are warm, loving, gentle and charming most of the time. Motivated by self preservation, the Taurean is not a risk taker and weighs every decision carefully, in a slow and methodical manner. To more impulsive people, the Taurean is a bore. Opinionated and stubborn, once a Taurean makes a decision, it is written in stone. nobody can alter it.Basically physical people, they prefer the known to the unknown and the tried to the new. They love the earth, possessions, and generally treat those they love as sacred possessions.
Main positive traits: Stable, dependable, practical, conventional,determined and patient.

Taureans can be very caring and warmhearted but there is a tendency to be extremely jealous, possessive and very stubborn. Taurus must strive to keep an open mind because his strong personal convictions can blind him to the ideas of others. Risks are taken only if it is absolutely necessary and only after much consideration. This is a sign that’s slow to change and would prefer a steady routine in
Main negative traits: Possessive, stubborn, materialistic, lazy.

Friends of Heidi can feel free to leave their birthday wishes here in the comments, and we’ll make sure she gets them.


Kimmer: Laxatives #6

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Later in July 2007:


I lost the 20 pounds my first month – July 18th was my 30 days.

Is that the average, I notice that some people drop 30 pounds the first month. I do not cheat. And i really need to find a good lax, it’s been almost two weeks since a movement.
I want to lose more. I did boot camp, now I just eat the lean meat. Some times it’s fried maybe once every two weeks.
But I must say I am happy.

So back to my question, how can I speed this up and can you recommend a good laxative?
Thank You


Sure, but the there’s 2 things: 1) don’t take too much 2) take the reduced dose EVERY day

You’ll want a stimulant type. The other types are ‘bulking’ and take forever, plus bloating until they work. There are softeners, they also take a long time.

Stimulants include Ex Lax, magnesium citrate (look like bright colored soda bottles) or epsom salts (tastes horrible, guaranteed you won’t over do it!)

1) Start with a regular dose of whichever type you pick (say Ex Lax), for 2 days at night.
2) Each night take a 25-50% dose at night. Your body will tell you which amount.

You don’t want to keep toxins built up in your system!


Toxins? Like chemical laxatives perhaps?

Kimmer: Laxatives #5

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From early July 2007, another newbie looking for answers:

Hey! Ive just joined and am confused on a couple of things, Ive looked around forums to no avail! Ill keep this brief as I’m sure your very busy!

1. Whats the rule on dairy and non meat protein foods? I’m not vegetarian but Id like some more variety as to food choices.

2. Will I become constipated during the entirety of the diet? There was a thread in the forum but it didn’t really answer that.

3. Can you have 1/2 a grapefruit a day when on K/E? I read somewhere you could but I cant find it again!

4. Do people get down to really small sizes? Like UK 6-8 (i think thats US 2-4) as I cant really tell from the success story pictures.

5. Do you lose muscle mass if you don’t exercise?



1) You can choose from the vegetarian proteins, but you loss may slow a bit because they are a bit higher in carbs.
2) You may become constipated and I recommend a daiy 25-50% dose of laxative each day to help.
3) No grapefruit, in fact it will bring weight to a halt — not compatible with ketosis (where did you read that so I tell them?)
4) Some people look pretty small to me? Dina is a size 3, Christin is a size 4, 2 girls in bikinis look like size 2-6?
5) You will keep the muscle mass you need, many people don’t exercise. You naturally lose muscle as you lose weight because you don’t need as much muscle to carry 125 lbs as 250 lbs.

You can read more info in The First 2 Weeks above, too!



Hello again! quick question about the laxatives,
i thought that its bad to take them constantly because your bowel starts to rely on them…are there any safe types of laxative which don’t do this? And would that be throughout the entire programme, even maintenance?
Thanks again!


Recent studies show that our bowels DO NOT rely on laxatives, but we’re talking about a reduced dose no matter way. Much more dangerous to have garbage lying in the bowel where it begins to be reabsorbed and ferments.

You can use fiber laxatives but they take a long time and cause temporary weight gain due to water absorption.
You can use bulking laxatives that act the same way.
You can use stimulant laxatives that force bowel action.

Recent studies? What recent studies?
Oh, Yeah, those Russian brides in the bikinis sure did look thin… They probably took handfuls of laxatives…

Kimmer: Laxatives #4

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In June 2007, the first of the Womens World newbies starts to come in and ask questions. This is the advice they get:


I’m brand new at this. My concern is not getting enough fiber in my diet. I have been eating Kashi cereal every morning to keep me going. What do you recommend? Fibercon, Metamucil, daily? Thank you.


If you’re certain you want to take fiber supplements, you should pick whichever type you like. I recommend against fiber for fastest weight loss. They work by bulking which means they forum a mass in the colon (think of a bowling ball rolling down the alley) and absorb water.

This water weight gain is disheartening to some people and they get discouraged.

Kimkins works on the basis of counting all carbs. We don’t subtract fiber. So, to do Kimkins correctly, you should count the fiber in your supplements. Our limit is 20 grams total per day from all sources.

For regularity I do recommend taking a weak dose of laxatives every day We’re not talking laxative abuse here! Not like movie stars who take handfuls. Just 1 regular dose to dose and a 25-50% dose daily after that to keep things going..

Some people are shaky about taking laxatives, but think Smooth Move senna tea is OK. I find that mildly humorous since senna tea IS a laxative!

Welcome to Kimkins!

Does her quote above imply to anyone else that if according to Heidi, if movie stars take handfuls of laxatives, and they look like, well, movie stars, then…???

Another one, later that same month.


I have been on the diet just over 2 weeks and love it. My problem is I get very constipated. I have been eating chicken, turkey, fish, salads & veggies. I have been taking fiber pills. I need help in getting and staying regular. Thanks Pearl


The fiber pills will work against you. They work by bulking and making a “mass” in the colon. Also, if you use psyllium pills, count their carbs toward your 20 daily total. I believe they are 1 carb each?

I suggest that people take a full dose of a stimulant laxative the first 2 days (like Ex Lax?) and then a 50% dose 1 per day after that. The idea is to gently keep things going, not develop a laxative habit.


You think halving the dose but taking it every day is going to keep it from being habit forming? Sick.
What happens when half starts to fail to work, then 100% fails to work, etc? Handfuls?

Notice that her replies later in June are getting shorter, probably due to the number of questions from new folks during this time frame. Normally asking questions would be a good thing, but when these are the answers you are getting, it would have been better to just follow the plan as written, instead of the plan behind the plan. Not much better, but better for sure…

Kimmer: Calories and Laxatives #3

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This exchange is from May 2007. Identity of the member is protected, and the added links and emphasis are ours. The rest is Heidi in her own words, again recommending daily laxative use and encouraging “rabbit” starvation.


– I started Kimkins 1-1/2 weeks ago. The first week I lost 9 pounds!! This week, although I believe I’m doing much the same things as the first week, I have gained one pound back and stalled. I never tried the Atkins, so I don’t have a low-carb background. I think I need help with the Kimkins Guidelines.
– Why are cooked veggies not allowed as much as raw? or why can we have so little? If I don’t have raw with my dinner, can I have 2 jello-cups of cooked?
– “Up to 20 carbs” – is this a matter of counting every single carb? Meaning, do I need to get a carb counting book?
– Why are some veggies not listed on your food list? Not that I’m eating them; I’ve been avoiding carrots and corn – just need to know.
– When you say “as much lean protein as desired”, do you mean it? or do you mean “up to 8 oz of lean steak” or whatever?
– I’ve been using Pam in my fry pan – is this the “enough fat to make your menu work”? I cut all the fat off the meats, seldom if ever use butter, no oil.
– Another indelicate problem is constipation. I’ve been drinking an herbal tea (when I remember…) at night to alleviate that problem. But it just manages to give me diarrhea, not a “bowel movement”. Could the problem hamper my progress?

I will cut my portions in half today, if that helps. I didn’t think my portions were too large. I just need to get off this plateau before discouragement sets in. One nice thing is I haven’t been hungry the whole time – although I do miss the foods I used to eat.
Can you advise?? Thanks loads.



OK, here’s some quick answers:

1) The cooked veggies have much more carbs than the salad veggies, this is why they’re limited. A “jello” cup is loosely measured, not packed down. For most cooked veggies it would be a heaping cereal spoon.

2) Corn and potatoes are extremely high in carbs and avoided until maintenance.

3) The best carb counter would be to try which is a free account and lists carbs and protein in nearly every food. Check the carbs in 1 cup of lettuce compared to 1 cup of corn!

4) You count all carbs including coffee, tea, veggies, sausage, condiments and remain under 20. Under 10 is even better!

5) Eat all you care to of lean protein means LEAN protein. All steak is at least 30% fat so it’s not a lean protein. Enjoy it 1-2X a week max, picking 4-5 raw ounce portions.

Be on the lookout for reduced appetite and don’t be afraid to eat less. This is a psychological barrier for many people. If you’re not hungry, by all means cut portions in half. The RDA for protein is only 60 grams — roughly 1 chicken breast for a whole day. No need to eat extra.

For constipation I suggest using 1 regular dose of a stimulant laxative like Senakot or ExLax one day, then a 25-50% dose every day after as a reminder. You want to keep things moving.


Whoa! I just went on – what an eye opener! It was almost depressing – especially about the salad veggies. But I’m really glad you told me where to look. Thanks.


No, not depressing! OK, is Kimkins fun & games? No. But there’s no faster way to lose — and you CAN lose super fast.

What I tell the girls is BE STRICT for a few months, and get skinny! THEN you’ll start adding back small amounts of carbs.

So great to allow a loosely packed jello cup or heaping cereal spoon of veggies while you were eating what, exactly Heidi? She was probably laughing and drinking cap’n and munching doritos while she wrote this drivel.

So we went a little link happy in there having some fun, but check them out for the full experience.

Stay tuned. In fact, you might want to subscribe, ’cause we ain’t done. We have to, as Heidi would say, “keep things moving”.

Kimmer: Calories and Laxatives #2

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Another day, another member with potential health issues, same advice from Heidi. This exchange is from April 2007. Again, identities have been hidden to protect the innocent.


Hello Kimmer how are you doing? Hopefully all is well I have a couple of questions for you that maybe you can help with (I hope I’m not bothering you every other day but I am truly co dependent on this site for now and don’t want to mess this up ).
* I was reading a post that was asking about PAM sprays and how should they count it in their fitday, which got me thinking using PAM is my new way of cooking and I never count it in my Fitday…. Does this mean that my #’s are all wrong? Should I be counting it? And if so how?
* Another question I had was I started spotting for like about 2 days had all the symptoms bloated cramping etc which I thought was the start of TOM but then on the third day it completely went away! So I’m not sure if this is due to WOE or my body changing?
* I haven’t used the bathroom in 4 days and I’m scared to use anything thats going to make me cramp. Whats your best alternative to this problem?
* And lastly not that I’m complaining but I haven’t lost anything in a few days! I havent gained and I’m still in onderland but I’m a little bummed because I had thought I would be lower by now. Heres a link to my fitday account maybe if yu have a chance you can revise it again for me??????

I’m sorry to have bombarded you with so many questions.


Maybe you haven’t lost because you haven’t gone potty in 4 days?

There’s softening laxatives like Milk of Magnesia capsules (they take awhile to work) or stimulant types like Ex Lax or Senakot that can cause cramping, but you can try a smaller dose? Or Smooth Move tea which is senna based and you can decide how much “tea” you want to drink (maybe half mug not full)?
See if a laxative helps you “lose”, and here’s my comments:

I would pick leafy greens for salad instead of 1 cup of cucumbers or higher carb veggies.

Check your entries: re you sure your turkey weights are correct — 1 oz? diet soda 1 oz?

Are you actually weighing the chicken or guessing? Boot Camp chicken is raw weight, not cooked. What do you do with the leftover chicken breast (most are more than 4 oz)?

Skip breadsticks, cheese, sesame seeds, lime

Are you hungry? On April 11 your protein was a little high.

Spotting can be from melting body fat releasing old birth control pill hormones.



Hi Kimmer thanks once again for the timely response. Thanks also for taking a look at my fitday account. Lets see the turkey breast I buy is from healthy choice 4 slices equal 2 oz so I just eat 2 slices that equal out to 1 oz. The bread stick I didn’t have but went to mass and took the oath and didn’t know how to put that in LOL… soda I don’t count cause I figured its zero. But I don’t drink a lot of it either. The cheese I know thats a no no and since last time you checked and corrected it I didn’t have it again. The sesame seeds I just decided to venture out but they didn’t do anything for me. And the cucumber I didn’t know they were carby. My chicken I weigh it raw then prepare it with garlic pepper and save the rest in the freezer. I still haven’t gone to the bathroom but I’m going to get the mint MOM which is legal.


If the MOM doesn’t help, try ExLax, but take 1/2 a chocolate square to start so you don’t have cramping (or half the regular dose, whatever it is).

you’re doing soooooooo well!

We do have more. Think we will start to notice a pattern?